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Introducing the Newest Members
of The Fox Family!


Updates Needed (Stay Tuned)


Campbell, Tim: Individual
Collard, Joe: Individual
Fuller, Kyle: Individual
Hartjes, Sam: Individual
Hermus, Nick: Individual
Hietpas, Jake: Individual
Hietpas, Mark: Individual
Huenink, Greg: Family
Keller, Rob: Individual
Lothain, Todd and Joy: Family
Manley, Dave and JoAnne: Family
Melzer, Sam: Junior Individual
Milslagle, Jim: Senior
Neuville, Rob: Individual
Patschke, Ed: Senior
Prickett, Ryan: Individual
Quella, Shawn: Individual
Romenesko, David: Individual
Rosenbeck, Steve: Special Family
Schmitz, Chris: Special Family
Scott, Mitchell: Junior Individual
Smeaton, Scott: Individual
Sousek, Nate and Jaci: Family
Van Camp, Brad and Carol: Family
Van Deraa, Ryan: Individual
Van Groll, Alex: Individual
Vander Loop, Dan: Individual
Ver Voort, Tim: Individual
Wallace, Eric: Intermediate Individual
Wittmann, Scott: Individual
Gibson, Kyle: Student
Laundrie, Colin: Student
Lee, Matthew: Student
Karakas, Luke: Student

Barribeau, Scott: Intermediate Individual
Bobinski, Brian and Jill: Intermediate Family
Dahm, Dustin: Intermediate Individual
Fenrich, Shawn and Natalie: Family
Gloe, Ryan: Junior Individual
Hermes, Eric and Dacia: Intermediate Family
Hermsen, Tyler: Intermediate Individual
Hill, Jason and Ashley: Family
Huss, Chad and Laura: Special Family
Keller, Robbie: Intermediate Individual
Kessenich, Bill: Individual
Kolosso, Troy: Intermediate Individual
Martine, Tom and Jessica: Family
McCormick, Mike and Erica: Intermediate Family
Monroe, Chris: Family
Motowski, Andy and Tracy: Family
Neuville, Robert: Junior Individual
Manley, Dave and JoAnn: Family
Parker, Scott: Individual
Prickette, Ryan: Junior Individual
Quella, Shawn: Junior Individual
Rettke, Jeff: Individual
Romenesko, Scott and Gretchen: Family
Schmidt, Trevor and Amanda: Junior Family
Shimek, John: Family
Smith, Justin: Junior Individual
Sousek, Nate and Jaci: Intermediate Family
Van Camp, Brad and Carol: Family
Vanden Heuvel, Adam and Amber: Special Family
Vander Sanden, Jim: Intermediate Individual
Vercauteren, Mark: Intermediate Individual
Wittmann, Bob: Limited Senior
Zelhofer, Ryan and Paula: Intermediate Family

Belitz Fr. Ron: Clergy
Bell Greg: Senior
Berg Dan: BIZ Card
Berg Peter: Individual Intermediate
Buss Mason: Student
Cleaves Tyler: Student
Cole Larry: Senior Limited
Dorsett Mark: Individual
Duszak Ron: BIZ Card
Gehrtz Zach: Student
Gocker Sam: Individual Intermediate
Gustman Shelby/Aaron: Family Intermediate
Hlinak Brock: Student
Hocking Kim: BIZ Card
Hopp Katy/Jeff: Family
Jones Wilson: Individual
Kalupa Tom: BIZ Card
Kelderman Jason: Family Special
Kocken Sam: Individual Junior
Kocken Spencer: Individual Junior
Kressin Shawn: Individual Junior
Lahm Aaron: Individual Special
Lang Collin: Student
Leitner Brad: Individual Special
Leitner Richard: Senior
Lindeman Jeff: Individual Special
McLeish Matt/Heather: Family
Promer Shawn: Family Special
Pucci Mark: Family Intermediate
Roehrig Jon: Family
Schmidt Mason: Student
Schraufnagel Deacon George: Clergy
Sprang Mike: Individual Special
Sprangers Josh: Individual Intermediate
Stage Jan: Individual
Vandenberg Don: BIZ Card
Verstegen Mike: Family Special
Williams Chris: Junior Individual
Zuelke Ray: Senior Limited